La Línea en San Francisco

(y el Pato y el Lou también)


Hey! el Interdisciplinario la Línea está participando en esta exposición. Échale un ojo.


Si estás en San Francisco...nos vemos por ahí.Terror? is an international interdisciplinary project investigatinghow each one of us experiences fear and how it affects our lives.Opening on the 5th Anniversary of 9/11, this ambitious exhibition will include hundreds of works on paper from around the world - creating acacophony of personal and collective response to some of the mostimmediate questions and issues of our times. What is terror? Whoperpetrates it? How does fear control us, and the world around us? Who are we taught to be afraid of, why? What does fear cost? Where doespersonal fear intersect with larger societal and political messages ofterror? It is our hope and intention to engage with and share voicesand perspectives from a diversity of cultures, political situations,and artistic practices, and to counter the continuing trend towardsdefining and understanding notions of terror and fear as a monolithic paradigm framed by the ongoing "war on terror." In addition to anexhibition in our gallery, Terror? includes a film screening,readings, public discussions and performance.

Intersection for the Arts446 Valencia Street (btwn 15/16)Mission District San Francisco CA 94103http://www.theintersection.org